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The Law Office of Monica Saran is providing an individual attention to each client’s case.  We put our clients first.  Each client situation is unique and Monica Saran is advising the clients according to the latest immigration laws.

At the Law office of Monica Saran, our practice covers the full range of immigration issues from family based visas to consular processing and naturalization.

Monica Saran understands the importance of the immigration process and she knows that the road to residence and citizenship is not always a smooth one.  zz

   Family Visas

The Law Offices of Monica Saran will advise you about the best ways to obtain a visa or change status for a member of your family. 

She helps US citizens and lawful permanent residents overcome obstacles to gain entry for family members and fiancÚs or permit them to remain in the USA.

Monica Saran represents and advises clients who needs assistance with immigration visas for FiancÚ, Spouse, Parents, Children and other relatives. 


The Law Office of Monica Saran advises permanent residents interested in U.S citizenship about the naturalization process. We help applicants for citizenship to overcome obstacles that might come up.

Monica Saran reviews all citizenship applications carefully with the clients to make sure that they are eligible for citizenship while addressing any problems that might interfere with the naturalization process.

   Consular Visa Processing

This process is necessary for those living abroad seeking to enter the U. S legally.  It is also necessary for U.S citizens trying to bring family members, fiancÚs to the U.S.

We work closely with U.S citizens and U.S. residents to make sure that the State Department receives the necessary information and documentation to help the consular process work smoothly. 

Monica Saran advises in advance the clients the steps that have to be taken so that the clients can comply timely with the request of National Visa Center.  We work ahead and prepare the case to have it ready to submit once the request is made by the Department of State.  This helps many times the clients to bring their loved ones in a timely manner. 


If you are contemplating a divorce in New York call the office of Monica Saran, Esq.

You are entitled to receive effective solutions that will bring calm and peace of mind in your life. You need a representation from a knowledgeable attorney, an attorney who will explain your legal rights in easy to understand terms.

In a big hurry? Super –fast divorces

Due to recent budget crisis, the courts have undergone significant layoffs and forces retirements. Cases are now taking about 6 months to complete.

What can you do to speed your divorce through the court system? Call our office and we can discuss what options you have.

Updates Bulletin dated august 24, 2010

As a result of significant reform of the NY divorce laws, New York is the last state of the fifty to adopt “no fault divorce”.

Under the new law a spouse seeking a divorce in New York, is no longer required to claim reasons as the basis for divorce. Now a spouse can divorce based on the no fault rule.

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