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This process is necessary for those living abroad seeking to
enter the U. S legally.  It is also necessary for U.S citizens
trying to bring family members, fiancés to the U.S.

We work closely with U.S citizens and U.S. residents to make
sure that the State Department receives the necessary
information and documentation to help the consular process work

Monica Saran advises in advance the clients the steps that have
to be taken so that the clients can comply timely with the
request of National Visa Center.


What Our Clients Are Saying


Patricia M.

Monica reviewed my husband's case, listened carefully to details. It was a very difficult and challenged case because he was about to get deported. We got the petition, the waiver and green card case approved. I highly recommended Monica and I proud to give her 5 because of her hard work and dedication, we are able to move on with our lives and plan a lot of great trips.Thank You so much Monica!!!!


Fjorinda Tani

Monica was recommended by many of my friends and they were right! She is one of the best lawyers in NYC! Very professional, smart, kind and such a great person to talk to. Handled my case very well even though it was during the Pandemic, she kept in touch during the whole period. Monica is very straightforward and on top of everything.


Highly recommended!!


Andreea Vlad

Not only did I receive my green card on time and with no complications, but Mrs. Monica Saran made sure the entire process was very smooth and with no extra headaches. She is very friendly and accommodating, I highly recommend her for any immigration case. I plan on pursuing my entire status change case with her up until I will receive my citizenship and I couldn’t be more happy I found her.


3093 31st St, Astoria, NY 11102, USA

(347) 536-5217

Thanks for submitting!

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